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PROCOUSTIX ATAC Specialist acoustic tile adhesive for foam tiles

PROCOUSTIX ATAC Specialist acoustic tile adhesive for foam tiles

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Using the wrong spray adhesive to mount foam can be a very frustrating experience especially when mounting  panels on walls and ceilings, most spray adhesives are not designed to hold foam panels onto walls and ceilings rather are designed to join bits of foam together to make composite parts.

Carpet spray adhesive although cheaper doesn’t have the adhesion, tackiness and webbing to enable it to mount foam panels permanently onto walls and ceilings. This is because carpet spray adhesive is designed to work with gravity not against it. Tiles are sprayed and the weight of the tile plus that of people walking over the carpets or objects resting on them, keeps the panels in place.

Mounting foam panels however on vertical walls and ceilings requires a purpose made adhesive that has the right adhesion and is able to sit on the foam surface and not get soaked in. The right combination of these very exacting characteristics make ATAC Heavy Duty spray adhesive the  ultimate choice for permanent mounting of foam panels on walls and ceilings.

ATAC spray adhesive has been manufactured to high quality standards to ensure you get a quick, clean and effective bond on your acoustic foam. This spray adhesive is ideal for use on both polyurethane polyether and polyester foams.

ATAC spray discharges in a thick webbed stream allowing the adhesive to coat the foam panel and not get soaked into the foam. The heavy duty formulation ensures that once parts to be mounted are bonded they remain in place.

ATAC spray is specially formulated to ensure it does not distort or shrink the acoustic foam it is applied to which would happen using other non specialist spray adhesives.

This spray adhesive will bond acoustic foam to wood, chipboard, plasterboard, metal and furniture.


Will also bond most types of paper, cardboard, hessian, fibrous materials, insulation , polythene foam etc. to themselves and to wood, stone, metal etc.

Not suitable for sticking plasticized or PVC coated materials.


           Do not use on substrates that will be subject to temperatures exceeding 50o C

           Do not store below 5oC

Multi purpose spray adhesive with adjustable head ideal for bonding acoustic foam to walls. This spray is has been carefully formulated not to "eat "into your foam and will not shrink or destroy your foam pads.

For a strong firm bond, spray from a distance of 8-12" from substrate, spray evenly on both the foam and wall wait 10 seconds and press the foam onto the wall.


For a lighter bond spray only on the foam wait 5 seconds and attach onto the wall.

Ensure both the foam and wall are dust free and grease free

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