Collection: Golf Simulator Screens

We have crafted our exclusive range of cost-effective impact screens to suit any budget. Our screens are high quality, durable and designed to absorb high-impact shots. 

 As a DIY home golfer intent on building the golfer simulator of your dreams, once you’ve settled on the type of launch monitor and software you’ll be using, the next step is to select the best hitting/impact screen for your set-up, since it’s the screen that will work in tandem with your projector to create the type of immersive images you desire.

One of the first benchmarks in guaranteeing that your screen will achieve the highest level of player-engagement you want from your simulator is to select a screen that is able to fit the entire projected image while, at the same time, ensuring that that image fills as much wall space as possible. This then makes the screen’s size/dimensions the initial element you should focus on.

In light of these concerns, the two most vital qualities that an impact screen must have in the eyes of a home DIY golfer should be:


1) Shock absorption – The cloth used for impact screens utilize a warp and weft method of weaving where the shuttle on the loom runs the horizontal thread between the longitudinal threads in an over-and-under manner to compose the fabric. It is the crisscross structure that this type of weaving produces that allows the fabric to absorb hits from a golf ball


2) Noise cancellation – The warp and weft method also allows fabric to extend both horizontally and vertically, while giving it greater flexibility, breathability, and softness to the touch which in turn allows it to counteract the kinetic force of the golf ball and help cancel out most of the sound produced by the impact.