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ProTee Golf Simulators - The Future of Golf Simulation
The latest and newest systems of ProTee United’s Collection. Vision and A.I. powered high speed ceiling Launch Monitors. The latest technology wrapped in a sleek design. Dual high speed camera systems measuring all relevant shot data in a matter of milliseconds with extremely accurate results.

Instant Reaction
Our smart shot analysis detection and processing software measures and projects all your data in less than 0.3 seconds, giving you an almost instant reaction to each shot.

Right and Left handed

The VX System can detect both right and left handed players without having to recalibrate or reconfigure the launch monitor.
Easy Setup
With our easy mounting and calibration system, setting up the VX is effortless so you can start hitting golf balls in minutes.

ProTee United B.V. is a Dutch golf company specialising in developing, manufacturing and the worldwide distribution of Indoor Golf Simulator products for entertainment, commercial, professional and private use.

ProTee United’s VX redefines the industry by delivering top quality while drastically lowering the price. Our revolutionary Vision and A.I. powered ceiling Launch Monitor sets a new standard, offering premium performance and accuracy at a reduced price point. This remarkable combination of cutting-edge technology and pristine design is poised to transform the market and elevate the golfing experience for all enthusiasts.