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Designed "Made in USA", the Net Return ™ Pro & Home Series V2 are the only golf driving range nets in the world to automatically return the ball to the golfer. They are guaranteed for over 250,000 shots! 

The Pro & Home Series V2 can easily handle golf ball speeds up to 360 KM/H and are designed for years of use. They can also be used for a variety of sports - without modification. Sports include golf, football, baseball, lacrosse and hockey. 

The Net Return Pro & Home Series V2 offers golfers unparalleled performance, superior quality, durability, strength and instant returns. 

One Person Assembly in Under 5 Minutes (No Tools Required!)
Practice Anytime, Anywhere ...
One Net for Multi-Sport Use - Golf, Football, Baseball, ...
Available in 4 sizes:

Pro Series V2 : 2,43m Wide - 2,30m Tall - 1,10m Deep - 13,2 kg
Home Series V2: 2,13m Wide - 2,13m Tall - 1,06m Deep - 12 kg
Mini Pro Series V2: 1,52m Wide - 1,82m Tall - 1,06m Deep - 11,3 kg
Junior Pro Series V2: 1,40m Wide - 1,40m Tall - 0,73m Deep - 6 kg