Collection: 24/7 Golf Simulator Enclosure - Home Commercial

Affordable Golf Simulator Enclosures for all situations!

At 24-7 Golf we provide high quality golf simulator enclosures to the global market. For the last ten years we have specialized in providing high level golf simulators and launch monitors for home use, at affordable prices. However, we also offer simulators and launch monitors for commercial settings as well.

Our simulator enclosures are extremely durable, giving you maximum flexibility. You can use them to practice in an endless variety of ways, and play thousands of the worlds greatest golf courses. There are now even options for you to compete against other people with simulators from around the world, that share your passion for golf, through on-line real time connectivity.

Every simulator enclosure we sell has been independently, rigorously tested by our consultants and the golf teaching and touring professionals on our team. Only the products that provide the most accurate and realistic golfing experience make it through this selection process.

We’ve also added two new safety features:

A built-in 30cm buffer zone behind the impact screen to absorb shot impact

Offset screen mount design, eliminating 95% of the metal frame structure surrounding the impact screen, significantly reducing ricocheting golf balls

Border protection pads

The enclosure is also completely portable, taking one person only 30min to assemble. A projector can also be installed above the hitter thru the addition of a projector mount.

Premium Quality Commercial Grade

Portable, easily assembled

Compact, ALL-IN-ONE Design

Built-in safety buffer zone