Collection: Computer for golf simulators and launch moitors

We offer both gaming laptops and PC’s with touchscreens fully compatible for golf simulation.

If you are setting up your system in a garage or out building we would recommend the laptop version for two reasons.

Firstly for cold and damp electronics don’t like the cold and damp and condensation can cause a PC to fail.

Secondly for security , a laptop along with your chosen launch monitor can be taken into the house when not in use.

PC’s are great for a fixed warm environment and have the benefit of a touchscreen monitor.

Golf Simulator Computer - InSwing select only the best systems for use with indoor golf simulators. Based on the Intel chipsets and Nvidia graphics cards. We also tune Windows for the best performance for golf simulation.

Just tell us which simulator / launch monitor you own and we will tailor a system to work perfectly.

If you purchase the simulator / launch monitor at the same time we will configure and install all software ready for you to use straight out of the box.

Please call us to discuss your requirements and we will advise and tailor a system just for you.