How To Install TGC 2019 Golf Simulation Software

How To Install TGC 2019 Golf Simulation Software

TGC 2019 has long been the stable for simulation software across many hardware platforms and with its revamp from its predecessor THE GOLF CLUB has proven to be the biggest selling simulation software for golf launch monitors to date.

Boasting a whopping 100k+ courses to choose from including the best courses in the world, it really has brought the dream of playing the greatest courses in the world right into your own home golf simulator. 


Here we talk you through how to install and obtain a licence for this brilliant simulation software.

When you purchase TGC 2019 software, you will be given and activation code.

Its important to keep this safe to hand as this will be needed to retrieve your licence key later in the process.

The first thing to do after purchasing your software is to install the software via a url link which is usually sent along with the activation code.

Here are a few of them commonly used to install the software for popular deivces such as Flightscope, Skytrak and ProTee VX

Once you enter the relevant link into the url of your browser, the software will begin the downloading process.


Whilst this is running, it’s a good time to make sure your pc has a power setting best set for using the simulator.

Set a power plan to high power and make sure sleep is set to never.

Select change advanced settings and check the following values are selected in the drop down boxes

TURN OFF HARD DISK AFTER - make sure this number is 0.

SLEEP - disable any enabled sleep settings.

USB SLEEP - disable this setting.

Now ensure your USB ports don’t go to sleep.

Open device manager and expand USB serial bus controllers.

Open each one and open Power Management

Uncheck the box that says Allow the pc to turn off this device to save power.

There is no need to do this for the USB composite devices.


On completion of the TGC download, you will be ready to install the software.

Make sure all components of the software are checked to install and continue the installation.


Licence Activation

Once your software has installed, you will need open the software and select the TGC 2019 Licence tab.

When you open this you will see a box with a code in it called the Machine ID.

This will need to be copied by clicking the cop tab in the box.


Go to and select to register your software.

Fill in the registration form and where required paste the Machine ID into the form along with the Activation code you were sent when you purchased the software where prompted.


On completion and submission of the form, you will receive an email from with a very long licence key.

Copy this in full!

Go back to TGC 2019 and open the licence tab where there will be a large Licence key box.

Paste your licence key here and hit activate.

Hit the fairways on the best courses in the world! 

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